When will the advertiser pay?

There is an expected turnaround time of a few weeks after the conclusion of a monthly campaign for an advertiser to receive Matchmade's invoice and issue payment. Solid estimates cannot be given because of the nature of business and varying circumstances, but here's a rough example.

For example, let's say that the campaign you participate in is for the month of March. Matchmade will invoice the advertiser at the end of the campaign, and payment of Matchmade's invoice is due within 30 days. This means that the waiting time for creators to receive payment, in normal circumstances, is approximately until the end of April or early May. In this example, the advertiser has paid on time.

Longer wait times may be possible if an advertiser is late paying our invoice. Remember that we rely on advertiser payments as part of our business, so you can always be assured that we are following up diligently. 

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