Confirmation system for invoices

For creators, managers, and agencies that have selected to be paid via invoice, we have had to make changes to the process of accepting them. Here's how it goes:

First - You select to be paid via invoice and enter your business ID, as well as the email address associated with your company/entity.

Then - We do internal compliance checks to make sure that we are processing invoices only for registered businesses. Once we're done, your information is entered into our database. 

Finally - You receive a confirmation email inviting you to send an invoice after we have received payment from the advertiser. Net30 terms apply from the date we receive an invoice in response to this confirmation email. Please note that we cannot accept invoices which are not sent in response to this confirmation email.

That's about it! As always, we're happy to answer any questions that you may have. Just drop us a message through the widget to the right :)

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