Tax identification - why we need to ask for it

A tax identification number is a number that is used by your country of residence when it comes to identifying you for tax purposes. It is often automatically assigned to you when you are born in your country of citizenship, or you apply for it when you need it to file taxes. It goes by other names, such as a social security number (SSN), taxpayer identification number (TIN) and other equivalent terms.

As a company headquartered in the Republic of Finland, Matchmade is required by Finnish law to ask you for this tax identification number when you submit your payment details. The European Union is well-known for its strict privacy laws (including the GDPR), and as an EU member state, Finland adheres to them all. To find out more, please read the applicable law here.

We will ask for your social security number/tax identification number on the page where you enter your payment details. Please know that your information is not seen with human eyes - it is automatically entered into our compliance and accounting software. Matchmade employees do not have access to it unless absolutely required for their duties.

In exceptional cases, such as when you have lost your documents or do not know/have this number, please contact Matchmade Support so that we can guide you! We may be able to accept other forms of identification in these cases.

Questions? Concerns? About providing your SSN/TIN or anything else, please be in contact with Support!

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