How to add your talent (and about channel IDs)

Ready to rock? Here's a bit of background information on how the platform finds the channel of your talent.

There are two types of URLs for YouTube channels: the custom URL (which looks something like and the channel ID (which looks like

The " UCUZHFZ9jIKrLroW8LcyJEQQ" bit is the channel ID that we search for to add your talent.
For more info and to see how to find it, please see the instructions from YouTube:

This will require your talent or someone who has access to their channel to access their YouTube studio.

Or, try a site like Comment Picker to show the channel ID of your talent's channel:

Once you have that ready, simply go back to your manager import page and enter the channel ID. You'll then be prompted to enter the email address of your talent so that they can see your invitation to connect their channel. Repeat as needed!
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