Invoicing instructions for agencies, managers, and entrepreneurs

Alright! You received a confirmation email and it's time to send an invoice. Please find our instructions below, as well as Important notes at the bottom. 


Our receiver information 

    Shark Punch Oy
    Address: Urho Kekkosen Katu 5B, 00100, Helsinki, Finland
    VAT number:  FI26184282

Company Name

Your company's legal name.

VAT/Company ID

For EU companies, we would need you to provide your VAT ID. Outside of the EU, the registration number that your country uses to identify businesses will do (for example, a EIN/TIN in the USA).

VAT amount

Please list the VAT as follows, depending on your location:

  • FinlandPlease list the subtotal to equal the amount on the platform. On top of thisadd 24% VAT. The final total will be the actual deal amount plus 24% VAT.
  • Other EU country - Please list VAT as 0% as part of the subtotal, with the final total matching the amount of the deal. Alternately, please mark the invoice as part of the reverse charge system.
  • The rest of the world - You are free to handle your taxes as you see fit: please simply ensure that the final total matches the amount on the platform. Omitting tax information altogether is also OK!

Address, Postal Code, City, Country

The company's registered address, which we need for identification and compliance purposes.

Banking information: 

We will need your full international bank account number. Please ensure that it is in the EXACT format that your bank has instructed you to use in order to receive payments in USD from the European Union. It should contain all the required numbers (for example ''account'', ''transit'', or ''identification/institution'' number) in the correct order.

If you have never received payments from the EU in USD before, it is worth checking with your bank that you have all of the information that you need and the correct order for this international bank account number, even if you have successfully received payments from other countries before. 

Below that, please enter the SWIFT/BIC of your banking institution. Payment can not be made outside of the SWIFT network. 

Invoice line

Please clearly indicate the campaign, creator and the deal ID for which the invoice is for.

Invoice number

Ensure that the invoice has a unique, rolling invoice number.

Invoice amount

The amount needs to exactly match the amount on the platform, and give the total in the same currency (USD).

Important notes

Our payment terms are Net30 after our receipt of a complete and accurate invoice, providing that the advertiser has approved and paid for the content. These can be referenced if needed from the link to the Terms of Service under your user account. We are not able to honor any alternate payout terms or conditions that may be listed on the invoice.

PLEASE NOTE: The information on your invoice is entered manually. All the information that it contains must be copy-pasteable to that ensure it is correctly transferred. Your invoice will be sent back to you for correction if it is not copy-pasteable, or if you send us an editable document (this is for your protection!). 

Matchmade reserves the right to deduct penalties incurred for failed business-to-business payments from a subsequent repayment, if they are a direct consequence of incorrect/incomplete payment instructions or information provided by the sender of the invoice.

In case we can help in any way, please simply leave us a request via the Support widget 🙏

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