"Confirm payment details"- which option should I pick?

You did the thing, and you totally killed it. So how do you get your money as smoothly as possible? Glad you asked!

Individual creator (''I operate as an individual'')

Choose this option to be paid personally into your own bank account. Make sure that you check with your bank what information you will need - by request, they will usually provide you written instructions about how to receive wire transfers from abroad. We are based in Europe!

It's super important to know these details and enter them correctly; if you make a mistake, it may not be caught until your payment doesn't arrive. 

Please make sure that you fill out all the details, like your name, country, address, tax identification/social security number, and the address of your bank, if you are prompted to do so. Make sure that the name you enter is also the name of the person who owns the account, and that any middle names are included. 

At this time, wire transfers remain our primary means of payment to individual creators, with rare exceptions for countries that face restrictions.

Business (''I operate as a registered business'')

In these cases, you would follow the same instructions given to managers and agencies. You can read the details of what information the invoice needs to contain here. If you have any questions, please let us know!

For individual creators: please don't choose invoicing if you are operating as an unregistered company or brand. We admire the hustle, but if you are still expecting to see money paid into your personal bank account, you should choose to enter those details yourself, as outlined in the previous section. Invoices are only intended for people with a registered business number 🙂

❗ If we receive an invoice, we will be obliged to treat your payment as a business-to-business transaction for tax purposes: we can't switch to paying out to, for example, your personal bank account. 

Questions? Concerns? About choosing the payment method or anything else, please contact Support!


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