I signed up - what are the benefits of sticking around if the proposed campaign is not available?

Understandably, you might be disappointed to sign up to our platform only to see that the campaign is not available to you. You might be wondering if it's worth sticking around. We say YES, and here's why:

What you received was an outreach for out-of-network creators - in other words people we only guessed might be a match for the advertiser's campaign. We do out-of-network outreach only if our supply of in-network (people who have signed up) creators does not fill the advertiser's budget. In short, we prioritize in-network creators, and you essentially get dibs on potential deals before we reach out to people who are not signed up.

This might also go without saying, but any future deals that are offered to you will be based off your connected stats- if the algorithm determines that your audience meets the advertiser's needs, there's no question about it being a match or not. All there is to do is either accept or decline!

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