I got a notification about a campaign, but I can't see it on my dashboard - what happened?

There are a couple of possible reasons for this.

1) We send out offers based on the content of your channel, because we believe that your audience could be a demographic match for the campaign. However, once the API has access to your statistics (this is only possible once you join the platform), we may discover that your audience does not match the demographics that the advertiser has chosen to target. This is why it no longer appears available to you.

Some advertisers are very strict with their targeting. For example, they may want an audience that is at least 50% American (or German, British, Spanish...). You only have 49% of who they want to reach. Sadly, a deal really can disappear over small details like this.

2) Between the time you got the email and the time you logged in to your dashboard (or signed up) to see the campaign, the budget for the campaign reached capacity. This is especially likely if the notification was for a ''binding offer''. These kinds of notifications urge you to act quickly because deals are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. For smaller campaigns with a more limited budget, deals really can go quickly, sometimes within a day or so.

We know that's disappointing, and we're sorry it happened! The good news is that if you stick around and keep an eye on your notifications, the deals you receive in the future will be based off a confirmed match.

As sad as we would be to see you go, you also have the right to leave the platform and request the removal of your data. Simply send a support request confirming that this is what you want to do, and we're on it. 



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