I got an email about a potential sponsorship - how do I view the details?

If you don't already have an account with us, we reached out to you because we believe, based off the content and topic of your channel, that your audience might match the targeting for the advertiser's product. So what you received is essentially a request for you to sign up so that we can have a look at your channel demographics through read-only, API access. Once we can see that, we will be able determine whether you are a match for the campaign or not. 

It is not possible to share details about the campaign via email, phone, or any other off-platform arrangement prior to signing up. Deals and pricing are determined by our proprietary algorithm and analytics, which means it's simply not possible to match you with a campaign or give pricing information until you've done so. 

What does it mean if I don't see the campaign on my dashboard? 


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