Do’s and dont’s for smooth collaboration

Alright, you set a publishing date and you're ready to dig in! But there’s a few things to know about our campaign process before you get off the ground. Don’t stress! As with many things, communication is key to a successful deal with us.

On that note, here's what our campaign managers love to see from you after sending their initial welcome message in the campaign chat!


✅ Say hi! It doesn't need to be complicated, just a little nod that you read the brief and you're on board!

✅ Let them know if you have any questions, and give them updates and ETAs as you go when you can.

✅ Be available to respond to feedback and revision requests within a few days.

✅ Be patient - they are executing the deals of a lot of people all at once. They will get to you, promise!

✅ Stick to the selected publishing date, and send your draft by the deadline given to you by the campaign manager.

And on the flipside...


❌ No radio silence. Messaging us or sending drafts by the deadline is the only way we know you're still in!

❌ Be late sending in your draft or uploading revisions without letting the team know in advance. This may result in cancellation.

❌ Panic if there is no response in the campaign chat - we are responsible for making the deal work, so we won't forget about you!

❌ Ghost, either intentionally or unintentionally. We need to know you're around and still interested. Telling us that you'd like to cancel or that something came up is always okay and much appreciated! It does not affect your chances of being offered a deal in the future - if anything, we think highly of creators who are straightforward and realistic!

In short, what we love to see is a proactive approach to working with us and ownership of your work. This means either chatting with us or sticking with deadlines, and letting us know if anything comes up. We are always a message away, and updates and questions are more than welcome!

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