Can you explain more about the submission deadline? How long does it take to review my draft? Can I get a quicker response if I submit it early?

We ask you to submit your content for review by the stated deadline for our own purposes, so that the campaign team has time to review your draft, offer feedback, and suggest changes. 
The campaign manager may have several active campaigns to be managed at once, so be aware that they are likely in the review process for another campaign if you submit your content early. They work in order of priority, and generally do not start the review process until the deadline is near for a given campaign. 
If you would like to submit your draft early you are free to do so, but in this case please be patient and allow the submission deadline to get closer before you ask for feedback or for the green light to go live. 
Of course, if you have an urgent request or can not publish on the agreed date, please let the campaign manager know. 
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