I've sent a message to my campaign chat or submitted my draft, but no reply yet. When can I expect it?

We can empathize with how worrying it might be that you don't hear back quickly, especially if the deadline is getting close! You work hard on your content, so you may naturally worry that there's something wrong with it, or that your draft will be forgotten or rejected and you will only find out once the deadline is missed. 
Our campaign team is a bunch of busy people, but you can rest assured that they have not forgotten about you! It might be reassuring to remember that they also have an obligation to the advertiser to make your deal happen - so make it happen they will! As long as you have followed all of the instructions from the brief and made requested changes based off feedback, the team will ensure that you're good to go. If the deal has to be cancelled for any reason, you will always be clearly told why, because it’s not something that we do lightly. 
We generally aim to reply to your campaign chat within 2-3 business days, Monday through Friday. Kindly note that we are located in Europe, so there may be a significant time difference depending on your location.
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