Having a manager - what it means on the platform, and what to consider

A manager is a person who handles your affairs and communicates with the Matchmade team on your behalf. If they want to manage your account on the platform, you will receive an invitation for you to connect your channel, which looks a lot like this:




By accepting the invitation, it verifies that you consent to being managed by them on the platform.

Managers are responsible for the following:

  • Having the option to accept or decline deals
  • Reviewing pricing
  • Invoicing Matchmade for their campaign fees, and providing payment to you in turn according to your personal or professional agreement and
  • Communicating with the Matchmade team on your behalf

Basically they are the middleman between you and Matchmade, and do most of the work that is unrelated to producing your content. They ask for feedback and any questions that you have, pass this information along to you, and provide the team with updates or inform them of potential problems (such as difficulty meeting the deadline). 

Because there is so much responsibility involved, we highly recommend that the person you choose to manage you is part of an established agency or has management experience, and that you have signed an off-platform, official contract with them. Matchmade pays the manager for deals executed under their management, which means that you need to have an agreement in place for how they will provide payment to you.

For most everyone, managers make life easier and leave you free to do your thing without worrying about every detail! But there are cases where a manager has the ability to complicate matters, usually due to inexperience. For example if they:

- do not communicate with the campaign team in a timely fashion or follow instructions and deadlines

- do not coordinate with you to implement feedback or edit/submit new drafts as needed

- do not accept an available deal that you might otherwise want to accept or

- cannot submit an invoice according to Matchmade’s instructions

this could all result in cancellation of the deal or you not being paid for your content. This is where your off-platform, signed contract comes in handy, so that you can settle any possible disputes.

It's also good to know in advance that all details about your campaigns and all communications with Matchmade employees will only be visible to your manager.

You can revoke your consent to being managed on Matchmade at any time. In that case, please take contact with Support so that we can get you started managing your own account.

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