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1. When creators receive offers from Matchmade 


An offer is an invitation to collaborate with a brand. It is sent by Matchmade if your channel is relevant to a brand's product. An offer consists of a brief, in which you will find all the information about the campaign's requirements and the fee that you will get from completing the deal.


A deal is an offer that is agreed upon by a creator and Matchmade.


Content is what you produce for your audience and the sponsorship as part of the campaign.  It can be in the form of videos, posts etc. Content includes both sponsored parts (i.e, an integration) and non-sponsored parts (i.e, your normal video).

The brand

The brand is the deal's sponsor, whose product is being promoted by you through the sponsored content.

Sponsored content

Sponsored content is content paid for by the brands.

Dedicated video

If the sponsored content is a dedicated video, you focus solely on talking about the brand’s product.

Integrated video

If the sponsored content is an integrated video, you mention or show the brand's product in a specific segment of the video.

Express Campaigns

Express Campaigns are short, low-effort integrations that normally last around 30 seconds. Brands provide talking points and assets. They are usually requested within a tight time frame but are relatively easy to make. 


2. Going through the Brief


A brief is a document sent by Matchmade that includes the deal's details, requirements, and Submission Portal for the draft videos.


A deliverable is what the brand expects to get from you at the end of a deal. Deliverables often consist of sponsored pieces of content, along with a quick shoutout to the brand in your video's description and pinned comment.

Publishing window

A publishing window is a period that your video is allowed to go live within a campaign. The publishing window of a campaign is usually set by the brands (sponsors). Therefore, it is often not negotiable or extendable.

Publishing date

The publishing date is the date that your video with the approved sponsored content goes live.

Submission portal

A submission portal is where you send us the link to your draft videos for approval.

Submission deadline

A submission deadline is the latest point in time that we accept sponsored content drafts from you for approval.

Review (as in “send it for us to review”)

A review is the process where the Matchmade team, and sometimes the brands, check the drafts to see if you have followed the briefs correctly. Once your drafts are approved, your sponsored content is ready to go live.


Drafts are the unpublished versions of the sponsored content. Drafts are not expected to be the final versions of the sponsored content, since the brands or the Matchmade team may ask for further changes and adjustments.

Call to action

A call to action (CTA) is the part of the integration that is typically an instruction or directive intended to encourage the viewers to perform a specific act. For example, 'Click the link below and download the app now!' is a call to action.

Pinned comment

A pinned comment is a comment fixed at the top of the video's comment section. Pinned comments usually highlight something special that you don't want your viewers to miss out on. Please note that you can pin only one comment per video.

How to pin a comment on YouTube:

1. Sign in to YouTube and go to the video's comment section with the correct integration.

2. Write a comment under the video (the one with the deal's integration). Please use the template from the brand if there is one in the brief.

3. Select the comment you just wrote above. Click 'More' > 'Pin'.

4. Click 'PIN' to confirm.

Unlisted YouTube video

An unlisted video is a video set as 'unlisted' on YouTube. Unlike private videos, unlisted videos on YouTube can be viewed and shared by anyone with a link to that particular clip. When you make a video unlisted, it won't appear in your search results, video tab, or suggestions. Your subscriber will also not get a notification if the new video you uploaded was unlisted. Therefore, it is the best way for us to review your integration without interrupting your YouTube channel and your published content.

How to set a YouTube video as unlisted:

1. Go to 'Video Manager' and click on the video. 

2. Go to 'Edit.' 

3. Under 'Basic Information,' you'll see the option to mark your video as 'unlisted,' 'public,' or 'private.' Select 'unlisted'.

Fold (in video description)

A fold refers to the place in YouTube's video description where the video description is cut off/hidden, above 'See More'. Without clicking 'See more,' you won't be able to read the full video description.


Footage is a section of film or video that's been shot or recorded. For example, a YouTube video or a scene from a movie in production are both examples of footage. You need to use relevant footage, either provided by the brand or recorded by yourself, to put together a good integration.

Talking Point

These are specific points about the product that you can mention in the integration. They normally include several small details that give a broad and in-depth understanding of the product.

Creative assets

Creative assets are the materials the brand provides you with to create the best possible integration for the campaign.


An integration is a promoted segment in a video made by you after following the brief from Matchmade.

Integration placement

An integration placement is where you locate the integration within a video. Integration placement is usually referred to as a timestamp.

For example, "Integration placement: between 0:30 and 2:00 in your video" means the integration needs to start somewhere between the first 30 seconds (0:30) and the second minute (2:00) in your video.

Integration length

The integration length indicates how long an integration should last. Brands usually specify this length in the brief, although you should also consider making sure that the ratio between sponsored and non-sponsored content is balanced.

Personal tracking link

A personal tracking link (available in this format: "") is a link that gives your viewers access to the brand's product. Each personal tracking link is unique and tied to a specific deal. It is used to measure the performance of the integration. You can find your personal tracking link in the campaign's chat on the Matchmade platform under "Install Page Link."


Tips: By optimizing the tracking link visibility, you maximize the performance of the sponsored content and increase the chances of being re-hired by the same brand for new collaborations.


3. Post-deal 

Conversion rate

The conversion rate is the average number of conversions per ad interaction, shown as a percentage. Conversion rates are calculated by simply taking the number of modifications and dividing that by the number of total ad interactions that can be tracked to a conversion during the same period.

For example, if 100 viewers of yours clicked on your personal tracking link within the first seven days after the video had gone live and 25 of them installed the app, the conversion rate would be 25 divided by 100, or 25% within one week from the publishing date.


Installs refer to the number of successful app downloads using your personal tracking link in a single campaign.

Attribution window

This is the time between when your content goes live and the end of the tracking period. Within an attribution window, we measure your content's performance and engagement. Based on these, we calculate your payouts and consider you when it comes to re-hiring for the next campaigns.

CPI (Cost per install)

Cost per install (CPI) is a metric to determine the all-important cost of an attributed install, where the brand pays each time a user installs their app using your personal tracking link. CPI is a very common pricing model, and is specific for mobile apps only.

eCPI (Effective cost-per-install)

Effective cost-per-install determines the more accurate cost of your downloads, taking in to consideration both attributed and unattributed installs. It’s the total cost, divided by the total amount of installs.

CPM (Cost per mille)

Cost per mille (CPM) stands for the price per 1000 views within an agreed time window. Usually it is limited to seven or 30 days.


Your performance is measured within the time frame of your sponsorship. It takes into account the amount of views, the amount of downloads, and the amount of clicks. Measurements can depend on what the advertiser is looking for - some value CPI and appreciate a lot of installs, some value CPM and aim for a lot of views. The payout you receive can depend on this. 


Engagement is typically used as a way of measuring the quality of a channel. Matchmade takes into account subscribers, comments, likes, dislikes and more over time. Your channel might have many subs, but low engagement - or vice versa.


Payout is when you are paid by Matchmade after completing a deal. Payout happens when the video with the brand's sponsored content has gone live and all of the campaign's requirements are met.

Deal cancelation

Cancelation means that the content is not going live. The deal is canceled, which means you will not receive a payout.

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